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The Franklin Centre reflects the stylish beauty of steel.

Arts and letters of the Franklin Centre sculptured in steel.

franklin centre : A tribute to steel in the community

Franklin District, south of Auckland and home to New Zealand Steel, now boasts a permanent tribute to the Company.  The contemporary design of its new cultural centre, Franklin:  The Centre, showcases the innovative uses of steel.

From the foundations of 45 tonnes of reinforcing steel, the building also comprises more than 130 tonnes of Steltech beams and 40 tonnes of COLORSTEEL® in the roof.  The building also boasts a steel panel feature, and by product steel aggregate was used for the car park.

The original plans were for the community centre to be built in concrete and timber, but as a result of its excellent relationship with New Zealand Steel – and with some persuasion - the Franklin District Council saw the benefits of using steel in the building design. 

“The Council’s decision to transform the building from concrete and timber to steel is a direct result of our regular partnership meetings with them,” says Vicki Woodley, Public Affairs Officer at New Zealand Steel. 

“New Zealand Steel has had an ongoing commitment to the people and the economy of Franklin for more than 40 years.  In 2004, we formed a Joint Partnering Relationship with Franklin District Council and agreed to work closely together for the mutual benefit of the community. 

Franklin:  The Centre takes pride of place as a regional centre of information, arts and culture, and our contribution to the building is a further step in our involvement with our region and our community.”

New Zealand Steel is the biggest local industry, and the district’s biggest employer.

Franklin:  The Centre has also been recognised by the New Zealand Institute of Architects, winning the Community and Cultural category and a Colour award in the 2007 Local Awards for Architecture.  The building was also praised for its ecologically sustainable design elements, and for using many green building principles.

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More than 300 volunteers helped clean up Karioitahi - Franklin's busiest beach - at the fourth annual Beach Clean Up.

New Zealand Steel Cleans Up

A record number of people turned up to help clean up Karioitahi, Franklin’s busiest beach.

The fourth annual New Zealand Steel Beach Clean Up attracted a record 320 volunteers from New Zealand Steel and throughout the region. People ranging from three years old to over 70 lent a hand.

On arrival, volunteers received gloves, bags, sunblock and for the kids, treats, as they registered to take part.

There were prizes for the most unusual finds. Nominations included a car bonnet with a car seat welded onto it, a washed up fur seal and a Japanese shampoo bottle.

Ten tonnes of rubbish was collected on the day, down from 30 tonnes last year. The message about responsible disposal of rubbish may be getting through.

New Zealand Steel organisers were delighted with the record turnout and the wonderful support from sponsoring business and community groups.

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New Zealand Steel sponsors the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness program which teaches Year 11 students about road safety.

New Zealand Steel Supports Young Drivers

New Zealand Steel is a major sponsor of a new Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) program offering valuable road safety knowledge and experience to young adults gearing up for the first time.

The RYDA program educates Year 11 students about road safety and involves a one day out-of-school program covering topics such as stopping distances, hazard perception, safety celebrating and fatigue. Students will hear advice from the police and other experts as well as personal stories from road crash victims. The program also aims to help teenagers understand that driving a car comes with responsibilities.

Speaking at the launch of the program, Judy Morgan, New Zealand Steel Vice President Marketing said: “We are committed to raising road safety awareness, and by reaching these young through RYDA, we are confident they will take valuable lessons on board for life.

RYDA New Zealand will follow the success of the Australian program, which has helped raise awareness and attitudinal change to reduce injury and fatality on the roads.

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Employee and contractor volunteers joined Franklin District Council Mayor Mark Ball (centre) in the Head-2-Head challenge for CanTeen.

Employee and contractor volunteers joined Franklin District Council Mayor Mark Ball (centre) in the Head-2-Head challenge for CanTeen.

Close Shave For a Good Cause

Close shaves are becoming something of a tradition at New Zealand Steel. In October the workforce came together for the third consecutive year to raise money for CanTeen New Zealand, the organisation supporting young people living with cancer.

The highlight of the fundraising week was the much-anticipated ‘Head-2-Head’ event. Sponsored by family, friends and colleagues, 20 volunteers put their heads and hearts on the line in the name of charity. Approximately NZ$20,000 was raised for CanTeen.

Franklin District Council Mayor Mark Ball attended the event to offer his support. He congratulated the Company for getting so involved and accepted the challenge to join the 20 volunteers and have an ‘impromptu’ haircut himself.

“While this is a week about raising money, it is also a time that exposes the very core human values of BlueScope and New Zealand Steel. It sends a very special message to young people and their families living with cancer – we care!” said Bill Jacob, President New Zealand Steel.

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