AIR QUALITY - Clearing the air in our communities

Maintaining the support of the communities in which we operate is essential to our success.

Among the most noticeable emissions from our steelmaking plants are air pollutants, such as oxides of sulphur and nitrogen, dust, odours and greenhouse gases.  We work hard to reduce these emissions that have the potential to affect our communities.

Initiatives to reduce air emissions include the installation of pollution control equipment, the sealing of roads, installation of stockpile sprays, and facilities for washing trucks.

In recent years, major pollution control equipment projects have included a $91 million Coke Side Emissions Control Project and a $94 million Sinter Machine Emissions Reduction Project – both at Port Kembla Steelworks.

Emissions of fine particulates have fallen by almost 40 per cent in the last five years, from 2,510 tonnes in FY2003 to 1,541 tonnes in FY2007.

Emissions of oxides of nitrogen and sulphur dioxide both increased in FY 2007, having previously trended downward.  This was mainly a result of increased coke exports, combined with improved monitoring and data calculation.

Emissions to Air - Tonnes fine particulate - Tonnes oxides of nitrogen - Tonnes sulpher dioxide

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