Health and Safety Initiatives

A healthy and active day for the community in the Illawarra.

A healthy and active day for the community in the Illawarra.

Port Kembla’s Health and Lifestyle event – BIG DAY OUT – a big hit

It was a BIG DAY OUT for more than 6,000 employees, contractors and their families who turned out in force to enjoy the Health and Lifestyle event. BIG DAY OUT is the major event of the 2007 'Take 2 for your Health' program.

This year’s event was held in September at the Jamberoo Action Park, outside of Wollongong. Building on the momentum of last year's program, the event aimed to help employees and their families learn how they can improve their wellbeing, track their health and get reliable, expert information on important health topics.

BlueScope Steel partnered with a range of health care organisations and 40 local community organisations and was officially sponsored by the Company’s Health Insurance provider, Peoplecare. Nurses were on hand to give personal health checks.

Employees welcomed the opportunity for their families to attend and learn more about their health in a fun, social environment. Manager Safety Health & Risk, Dr Chris Darling said: “This year has exceeded all expectations. To see so many of our employees and their families taking an active interest in the health information provided while enjoying a healthy and active day out was fantastic.”

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Safety first at Archerfield

Over 180 employees, family and friends attended the BlueScope Lysaght Archerfield Family Safety Day to celebrate the safety improvements at the site.

Standing on the overhead walkway, families could safely view the factory and understand the improvements that have been made. The day’s activities included signing the ‘Take 2 for safety’ Turtle sign, meeting the local fire and rescue squad who arrived in their fire engine to discuss fire safety, and children’s hand printing which will be displayed in the factory with the sign: “Please Work Safely 4 ME.”

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WEMATA Safety Month at Port Kembla

September marked ‘WEMATA Month’ at Port Kembla Steelworks. It’s not an unusual animal or a new food, new language or park. 

The acronym WEMATA is designed to focus on the Steelworks safety beliefs. WEMATA stands for:

Working safely is a condition of employment
Employee involvement is essential
Management is accountable for safety performance
All injuries can be prevented
Training employees to work safely is essential
All operating exposures can be safeguarded

A safety seminar was held to kick-off WEMATA Month and launch a new booklet, "Safety at the Port Kembla Steelworks", which outlines the safety beliefs in a practical and useful format.

Noel Cornish, President Australian and New Zealand Steel Industrial Markets, led a team of 10 speakers. Each speaker addressed one of the core safety beliefs and provided an external perspective on the PKSW safety journey. Guest speakers included representatives from Transfield Services, Brambles and Sparke Helmore Lawyers.

Seminar host, PKSW Manager Safety, Health and Risk, Dr Chris Darling was particularly delighted with the level of participation from alliance partners and contractors.

“One of our never-ending challenges is to keep the safety journey alive in people's hearts and minds. The passion shown by our speakers today and the very positive responses I have received from participants is extremely encouraging."

Port Kembla Steelworks has gone for more than 15 million hours LTI free.

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Dräger safety award recipient Kerrie Burton, Acting Occupational Hygiene Services Manager for Port Kembla Steelworks.

Dräger safety award recipient Kerrie Burton, Acting Occupational Hygiene Services Manager for Port Kembla Steelworks.

Young Hygienist Award winner

Kerrie Burton, Acting Occupational Hygiene Services Manager for Port Kembla Steelworks, received the Dräger safety award for Professional Development for Young Hygienists from the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists.

Occupational hygienists examine the effect of exposure from the working environment on people doing their job, including noise, heat and dust. At Port Kembla Steelworks, the role includes helping to manage these hazards according to the BlueScope Steel Occupational Hygiene code of practice and regulatory requirements.

To meet the requirements of the award, Kerrie submitted work she completed in the field of gas detection, as well as her ideas on how the prize would enhance her professional development.

The award includes attending the British Occupational Hygiene Society conference in Glasgow in April, and visiting the Dräger manufacturing plant in Germany and the Scunthorpe Integrated Steelworks in the UK.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to connect with experts in the field of occupational hygiene and to learn from the organisations that I will visit,” said Kerrie.

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Attendees at Indonesia’s leadership safety training program.

Attendees at Indonesia’s leadership safety training program.

New Safety Leadership Program in Indonesia

BlueScope Steel and Lysaght line supervisors in Indonesia participated in a new leadership safety training program during the year.

Supervisors learned to integrate safety management practices into their overall management systems. They also reviewed the role they play in managing safety, including auditing, leadership, investigating incidents and safety organisation.

“This training program is specifically designed to help line supervisors improve their safety management skills and gain employees’ active participation in improved safety practices,” said Richard, Health Safety & Environment Manager BlueScope Steel Indonesia.

“The focus is on developing skills for effective safety management, through interactive presentations, group discussions, personal assessment, homework, outdoor activities and safety games.”

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Health and Safety Initiatives

BlueScope Steel’s commitment to the health and safety of employees involves many initiatives aimed at achieving Zero Harm and bringing health benefits to employees and their families.

Some of the many business OH&S Initiatives for the year:

  • Buildings Division established new strategic plan for 2006-07. Established an inaugural North America President's Safety Excellence Award for most improved business.
  • New Zealand Steel - A "stored energy“ refresher briefing has been deployed to the workforce.
  • BlueScope Steel Thailand held their initial Contractor Safety Day.
  • Logistics – September was Height Safety audit month focussing on use of new Safe Loading Access Platforms on all Logistics sites.
  • A safety day with a focus on employees, contractors and their families was held at BlueScope Lysaght Indonesia’s Citibung site.
  • Port Kembla Takes 2 for safety - The dual themes for the Safety Intervention are Take 2 - Stop, Think & Plan, and JSEA - Job Steps, Hazards and Controls.
  • Vistawall - Completed initial Site Response Team Training for Terrell.
  • Western Port - DuPont Safety Leadership Training – 2 more sessions attended by 24 Managers / Superintendents and Safety Coordinators.
  • Butler Buildings, Nth America – Ergonomics/Manual Handling Awareness Campaign was conducted at all locations; and Site Emergency Response Training was rolled out at each of the Butler Buildings sites.
  • New Zealand Steel – Stop for Safety Workshop, Part 1 was held for the entire workforce.
  • Logistics followed PKSW lead and rolled out “I Choose to Use – Take 2 & JSA” throughout October.
  • Lysaght Sarawak, Malaysia  and Lysaght Singapore - each conducted half day Stop for Safety to increase awareness and alertness .
  • Lysaght Singapore and Service Centre conducted a chemical spillage training and emergency exercise.
  • “Take 1” initiative in Greeneville, Tennessee to review recent injuries and enforce safe behaviour.
  • Lysaght Indonesia held their Safety Intervention Stop for Safety Theme: “Safety Forever”.
  • BlueScope Lysaght Sabah, Shah Alam and BlueScope Steel Malaysia conducted Stop for Safety Sessions.
  • Western Port – implementation of Crane Communication and interaction board.
  • Acacia Ridge Service Centre reviewed and refreshed their entire audit system.
  • CRM Service Centre completed their major shutdown on time, with no injuries, and completed a dozen safety training sessions with all of the operators.
  • Braeside Service Centre initiated a focussed project on reducing manual handling risks on the packing line.
  • Wingfield conducted an Employee Health & Wellbeing program.
  • Lysaght Thailand have completed their Construction Safety Handbook and communications with Construction Site personnel.
  • Sites at Thailand and Vietnam have started projects for compliance with the Contractor Management Code of Practice.
  • Butler Buildings - Crisis Management training was completed at all facilities.
  • New Zealand Steel ran a “stop for safety” initiative in November.
  • Port Kembla, Transfield Services commenced a site wide manual handling program.
  • Western Port - The third presentation in the Take 2 series has commenced roll out.  This pack is about applying Take 2 to safe plant, protecting ourselves and each other.
  • Vistawall rolled out a new behaviour audit form, and continued roll out of the coaching program.  Revised the glove policy in November and rolled it out in December.
  • New Zealand Steel - Updated Cardinal Rules deployed to all employees and contractors. A Road Safety Pack given to the workforce as an initiative by the “Off the Job” safety committee.
  • Indonesia ran an in house Safety Leadership training program.
  • Logistics & Procurement - 'Brake 4 Safety' transport contractor MTI intervention run through February and March.
  • Vistawall – Roll out of arm/sleeve protection policy; updated forklift safety program.
  • Butler Buildings – Mexico initiated a 2007 Safety Supervisor program; Koreteck began a review of all JSA’s; Jackson audited entire plant; and Laurinburg began training on required OSHA topics.
  • Supervisors from Indonesia and Malaysia regions attended a workshop "Managing Safety for Line Supervisor and Audit Training" conducted by DuPont.

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