Environmental Compliance System

BlueScope Steel has developed an environmental compliance system to ensure that environmental responsibilities are appropriately managed.  During the year, this system was successfully operating at BlueScope Steel's global operations.

The foundation of this governance system is an Environmental Compliance Register.  The Environmental Compliance Register provides BlueScope Steel managers with a system that specifies regulatory compliance obligations and actions required to monitor compliance with those obligations.  It helps ensure that rather than taking a reactive approach, the Company proactively manages its environmental compliance responsibilities.

Development of the Compliance Register was begun in 2004, with the first site implementation in September 2004, and implementation across sites completed during the 2006/07 financial year.

The Compliance Register is implemented at operational sites with the assistance of BlueScope Steel’s Environment Department.  During the initial implementation phase, the following is determined:

  • A principal owner of the register for the operational site;
  • A comprehensive list of relevant legislation;
  • Compliance obligations for the operation according to relevant legislation;
  • Responsible person(s) for each compliance obligation;
  • Action(s) required to meet each obligation; and
  • The frequency with which compliance with each obligation is required to be checked.

This information is managed in a computer database, supplemented by a Compliance Register Manual.  Following implementation, each operational site continues to develop its register.  This can include refining the register to take account of changes to applicable legislation, changes to individual accountabilities, and new or enhanced actions to demonstrate compliance.

Each manager with accountability under the Compliance Register is required to sign-off their respective obligations monthly.  Compliance management is reviewed through a regular second party audit.

By providing a systemic, audited process, the Compliance Register ensures we do what we say we do, and what we do is consistent with relevant legislation.


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